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I found this and it was a funny paranormal article on Atlanta Journal Constitution

Who's That Rattling The Pans At Chevy's Diner In McDonough?
By Marc Pickard on 11Alive News in ATL GA

MCDONOUGH Ga. -- You can come to Chevy 27s diner and ice cream parlor in McDonough for one of the best burgers in metro Atlanta. But there is something else attracting a lot of attention at Chevy 27s that you won find on the menu.
Chevy27s diner has a reputation for oversized hamburgers and hand-dipped ice cream. And now it has a reputation for something else. It's a friendly spirit says Erica Daniell co-owner with her husband Neil of Chevy. Nobody seems to be afraid.
Neil and Erica Daniell say they and their staff have seen evidence of paranormal activity. Being in the kitchen and then you know the door opening all of a sudden erica describes and nobody there to open it.
Neil Daniell has a degree in geo-chemistry. He deals in facts and proof and science. Having people say call your name Neil Daniell recalls and then you go to the kitchen and they go no we didn t call you you ve got paranormal activity in your kitchen.
Who you gonna call m the ghost hunter of McDonough. e eJohn Quinn has been hunting ghosts for forty four years. He believes there is a good reason why there is paranormal activity in Chevy 27s and McDonough square. My belief IS says Quinn is on the nineteen hundred train wreck here in McDonough.
More than thirty people died on that June night in nineteen hundred. eSome believe their spirits still roam through the buildings on the square. cbreScott Evans is not one of them. We' ve never seen anything Evans says.
Weve never heard stuff happening. You know doors close it's the wind. Lights turn on and off it 27s because of the way they re wired. John Quinn has made a preliminary check of Chevy27s kitchen.
He says his numbers were off the chart. eHe will make a full inspection on Sunday~2c April 19th.
Whether or not we actually believe in paranormal activit, we have to admit that there might have been times in our lives when things happened that we just couldn't explain.
So perhaps the real value in doing a story like this is understanding the importance of keeping an open mind.

How to select the right paranormal group:
There are several things to take into consideration when picking a paranormal investigation group:

Ask for their Experience : How long has your group been together?
How many years of experience do the group leaders have investigating? Can they show real proof like videos, EMF'S, EVPS Etc.
What kind of training has the group been involved in?

Remember: There is no “license” or “certificate” that qualifies a group for paranormal research.

Ask for their Philosophy In:
What is your ultimate goal for your group?
How does your group respond to the changing technologies and theories in the paranormal field?
Ask about their Scientific point of view:
How does your group approach the analysis of possible evidence?

Remember: Not everything and/or everyone is haunted but, there might be a situation that might acure.
A scientific approach to investigation includes the gathering and analysis of photographic, audio, and video evidence, as well as the careful observations of the investigators.

Ask about their Credibility:
Can you provide references from your previous clients?
Can you provide references from other experienced persons in the paranormal field?
Do they have a web site that you can look up their refrences? Does their case studies on a web site that you can get onto and not a restricted site?

Remember this: Being on television does not mean a team is credible. Such publicity should not be the ultimate goal of any group; instead, it should be a byproduct of having established credibility through continuous learning, hard work, and positive relationships with client:

Ask the Organization:
Does your group have regular meetings?
How do you manage updating equipment and knowledge?
How does a person become an investigator with your group?

Remember This: A team that is well-organized and has established protocols will conduct a more efficient and effective investigation for its clients.

Above are some examples of the types of information that are needed when ghost hunters use or need to use while they do any investigation.

To the above statements and information that was found on the Internet:
 I met up with the family that explained that they were the ones who contacted the Restaurant and also talked with the management about the, "Paranormal Investigation." I did a private investigation at their home and met up with the people involved with this AKA "Ghost Hunt." They found NO tangible prof but only hearsay. Until their is factional prof you can't make statements that the area in question is "Haunted." This group of paranormal Investigators did the investigations after a TV podcast and wasn't told about the investigation until after it aired. They also explained to me that the group leader at that time placed themselves in the paper and left the name of their group and also didn't acknowledge the names that conducted the investigation. I since have assisted with the employees and also the members of that paranormal group and explained how to conduct a real investigation showing everyone involved by their names, titles, and give them full credit!
I commend the restaurant for getting free press, also it did show that not only they have great service and food, they also show that even the employees are a great and wonderful staff. Now that I got the know everyone involved it does show that the examples that I did give in the above statement on doing your own research. Please Do Your Homework. Not All Of Us Want To Be On TV, we just want to get the truth out about the paranormal and assist people with the knowledge and understand that spirits were people once too.
Joust remember, "ghost were people too."

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