Sunday, June 21, 2009


MY local town will be having the TV crew to come and do interviews with the local business owners and their business and homes in July. We all the town need to find answers to many questions that has been plaguing our city since the early 1900's.
This group is bast in Georgia and is new with clairvoyant and sensitivity people who can help us understand the paranormal that is occurring in our town.

I was so disappointed in the town this past weekend! I have to post this for everyone to read! I have worked so hard for the town to get some business and try to help out the owners with their aka paranormal situations, however, they must think that I am a idiot!
I booked several business through out the town this took me five months mind you.
The First:
I got dumped by the employees leaving the area and locking up and going home while my crew as pulling up the their driveway!
The Second:
They didn't even return any of my calls that evening!
The Third:
Was upsetting! At first they seems excited for us to come out the help them. Until the owner's husband pulled me over to speak to him and he asked, "Who is in charge here?" I told him, he then said that, "how long will it take you to do your EVPS?!?" I said, "about ten minutes, why?" "He then said, "GET THEM AND THEN GET OUT!" I got my group and we left the business and I never have been so embarrassed for these owners. Not only he was very rude to all of us in general he never ed introduced himself to any of us. I come to think about it was never introduced himself to me as long as I used their business! His wife was OK, but her husband was rude and nasty to all of us. Ex specially Me! I don't know what provoked him however, this is coming directly from me! I AM A COSTUMER IN YOUR BUSINESS! YOU DON"T TREAT YOUR COSTUMERS LIKE DIRT AND TREAT THEM LIKE TRASH! They did ask for a interview and they got it it wasn't until later on, after the interview was completed, that my group was told to get out.
This segment was to show if this town was ready for the real TV crews to come and do a investigation, gee I wonder who that would have been. Now I have to explain to them what happened! Believe me I will be talking to my TV contacts asap about this situation!
I will keep you post yet again!
The above situation has improved some degree, one of the business has apologized to me about the situation, however, my TV group will never go back to the town for a paranormal investigation. My group did post the Camp Creek Train Wreak Ghost Sage with me as the hosts and put it on you-tube. "Georgia Paranormal Experiences" is my other groups name that is conducting TV interviews about real and actual experiences that people go through about paranormal investigating.
I am so happy that I am involved with something that is exciting to me. "The truth is knowledge it's self!"

Saturday, June 6, 2009

To Post Or Not to Post?

Lately I have received two e-mails from a person that needed AKA "help with the paranormal". They seemed to be quite upset and needed help with their major ghost activity that has been accruing in their home. Questioning me if I AKA "Didn't Respond?" So they left foul e-mails to myself several times.
They seemed to be quit passionate about their home activity.
My commit is below:
If you reach out to a paranormal investigator for help and they have taken "Above-And-Beond" help to assist you with this and the families still are upset. They in question need to know that at least this investigator did try to help.
Further into this commit of above is that don't think for a second that I didn't AKA "CARE" about helping them in general, because they think I couldn't respond to them ASAP? I have other duties that I have to do in my own time. I can't drop everything at that moment when I receive the first e-mail "which, I never got by the way."; I need to plan a week or weekend in advance and make calls etc. At the time the AKA second e-mail finally came through I did try to assist you, I had the time and to which the response that I received that wasn't worth posting. Further negative commits and fowl language will not be tolerated at all. We don't assist people that respond like this. I responded to them positively and with great care and still received bad returns.
I wish them very well and great luck with their investigators.
God Bless!
Recently I have noticed that people whom claim that they are aka "Professional Ghost Hunters" and or what not have been updating their paranormal sites. OK, let me make this one very good point very clear. If you are a 'professional investigator' for numerous of years and have been aka doing this feild for such a long time make sure that the AKA 'professionals' are what they claim to be! I have noticed that groups have been claiming that they are professionals and claiming to be doing this for years as example: In the year of  1965 until this year of 2010. Please people do the math! On another site the same people claiming that they as well about fifty-five years old ?.? This means that they have been active ghost hunting since they was 'TEN?' OK maybe their first experience was around that time but not being a professional paranormal investigator....I think that this person was playing with their dolls or their action figures....just a thought.
Myself I was thinking of school and my family. Just well just being a kid!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Paranormal Investigator?

I met my neighbor in 2002 when I received my photographs by from Walgreen's. I noticed that I had abnormalities through out the photos that I took when my aunt came down the weekend before for a visit.
Introduced by the management we both started to compare our AKA ghost stories to each other. They asked me if I would come by and met up with a paranormal group that was going to investigate their home that weekend. I said sure, and when I met up with the team I later on joined the group. I asked my neighbors to start document all the AKA paranormal situations that accord in their home and make sure that the owners date and timed everything. They have had several teams out to the residents and they have took photos, EVPS, a movie. However, to my knowledge the home owners have copies of everything everyone has taken in the home.
Now the owners have placed themselves in the paper, in a book, in the Internet, and also on a local TV spot. Every single time they are mention they are "Quote" "Missed Quoted" all over. That it's "Not their fault but the people who have took their interviews?" Now more than ever I know that I was being used by the people in general. They want a book, A movie, and even to be on TV. They first wanted help with the paranormal, now they seemed to only want fame and future. I can't help people like this I only pray for them.
I wished them well and help that someday peace will finally come to their home.
God Bless you and your family may you find peace in your home that you created.

I had to repost on this situation list above....pinding post are to come within a few days.
Founder of South Side NAPIR

Kitchen photogragh part two

Kitchen photogragh

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Fife Dorcey Holiday House in Fayetteville GA

Dr. John Stiles Holliday, who built the house on the land that his father purchased, offered his home as a boarding house for students and teachers from nearby Fayetteville Academy.

Mrs. Permelia Ware Holliday was instrumental in the manufacture of a Confederate flag for the first volunteer troops to leave Fayette County for the War in 1861. The flag was partially made in the Holliday-Dorsey-Fife House.

“Manse” or “Manny” as he was called, was the flag bearer for the first company that left Fayette County for the war. He was the last Dorsey family member to live in the house.
To Call: 770-716-5332
MAiling Address:
140 Lanier Ave. W.
Georgia 30214

Hoilday/Dorcey/Fife home is located in the square of Fayetteville GA. The Holiday family built the home in the earily part of the 1800's. Mr. Holiday was the county's Doctor and he had a son named AKA "Doc Holiday." The Descendants of all three families sold the property to the city in the late 1970's to early 1990's and had a family reunion. After the families prepared the home for a viewing, they took a picture in front of the house. After the film was developed sometime later, one of the children noticed that in the upper left hand corner of the second floor window was a transparent male figure with a mustache looking down at the families below. The family got the film enlarged and copied it and it wasn't soon after that they started a history tour. The first family that gave the tours in the mid 1990's dressed up in an antebellum costume and told the history about her family and owners the home. She also explained that they have a ghost of " Holiday family tree." to this day the ghost still walks through out the hallways and has been seen by people walked down the street from the outside of the house. School children have been able to see the spirit when they come the take the tour. Only one person that I know of "outside" of all three families got permission to take a copy of the AKA ghost photograph as a gift. To the day she keeps it in a very safe place in her home. I know because that person that I'm refirning to is me. I have been several times to the home and I know the Dorsey family quite well. I will never show the picture with any of the families say so.

Melissa from ATL GA USA