Friday, May 15, 2009

Ghost of America

I have been living in the McDonough Ga area for at least nine years. I have experienced paranormal activity in my home with smells and EVPS. One is a little girl that sneezed and said, ''Dusty'' and also heard conversations that involved two men and one woman speaking. I can't seem to understand their conversation. I have investigated at last count at least twelve homes so far in my neighborhood. They have some kind of paranormal activity in their homes and also outside of their property. Local residents that live near the McDonough Square area claim that it might be related to the ''Camp Creek Train Wreck'' that occurred in June 23, 1900. I also believe that the town has a beautiful and rich history to it. That might be the reason that visitors that come to town stay a little longer than they want
Submitted by Melissa

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