Thursday, April 15, 2010

Birds and More Birds "Voltures!"

I was sweeping off my front porch on Monday morning and I wished I had my camera with me, two fat birds swooped down on top of my head and hit my bird seed hanging plastic holder on my window! Melvan my cat was watching them and all I heard was a MEOW!!!...!!! and a bang! The two birds flew into the window knocked the bird feeder down onto the ground and Melvan tried to catch them both. I laugh so hard I had to sit down! I just know that I will have to get a better way into feeding the birds! Maybe kitty insurance as well just in case!

Friday, April 2, 2010

I am living in a cardboard box!

OK, OK, I know that I live in a mobile home in a country town in Henry County Ga but, I found out that my home has some fixing up to be done. Yes, I know this is a major off beat from the paranormal stuff I have been talking about and the dollhouse things I like to type in about but, it's is Spring and I need to AKA "Purge" in a major way! I have been thrifting for quit some time now and also Dumpster Diving on every other weekend. To say the least that I do have quite of some "Tweaking" to do on all the items that I have bought! Soon I have have my home computer up and running so I can start posting the picks for ya! I bought a box on ETSY and these are the picks that I received from the first owner, I had to Tweak it up a bit. Later on I will show you the finished box!
Also, I did buy alot of tea cups with their saucers with them and I have a special plan for them with the cute birds outside my front door, stay with me for a update on that surprise!