Thursday, May 7, 2009

Haunting in our town
John and Holly Quinn have a big problem on their hands...
By Joshua Clark

John Quinn has good reason to believe his house is haunted. In addition to the numerous encounters with the ethereal,
like sounds, sightings, and physical attacks, the investigations by professional paranormal researchers, and video and audio
of inexplicable phenomena, his house is likely located atop a former gravesite. Quinn and his wife, Holly, have
lived in their home since 1999, and from the day they moved in strange things have befallen the couple. Indeed when one enters
their home, located just east of I-75 off Hwy. 20, there is a dismal quality to be felt. It lies not in the decor of the house, nor any state
of disarray, rather it seems to emanate from the home itself, or perhaps from the ground on which the home is situated. This
reporter can attest that during the interview with John and Holly Quinn at their home, I suffered from a deep state of malaise


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