Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Bell Book and Candle Shop
In McDonough Square GA:
My rating: Good
Bell Book & CandleMcDonough, GA Used & Rare Bookstores,
Date: 12/26/2008
This is a great book store if you want to find good deal. The majority of their books are in excellent condition and the environment is very welcoming. This place reminds me of the old book stores that I use to frequent when I lived in NY and would head to the city. The staff is very friendly and will help you with any questions that you may have. They are an excellent fixture of the Square and they should be checked out before anyone heads to the usual Books-A-Million or Barnes & Noble.I found some great books on Latin America there at excellent prices and am extremely happy with my purchase. Whenever I have time I always make sure to drop by the shop to see if I can find any books that will aid me in my research. I highly recommend this place because there are some books that are suprisingly hard to find in the other major retailers. If you have kids, they have a good comic book selection that can keep them occupied as well.Another great thing about the shop is that it is a major part of McDonough Square's history. Do yourself a favor and visit the shop during October where they have their regular Haunted History tours. These tours do an excellent job of informing the public on not just haunting events, but it also does a terrific job of giving the audience a good prespective on the Square's history. This shop should be the first stop for any serious book enthusiast! With excellent prices for books in great condition, this store should not be overlooked.
A single guided walking tour departs each Saturday evening. Guides share haunted history tales and ghost stories as the group travels through the historic square and surrounding buildings. Space limited, reservations required.
On the prowl for ghosts and goblins
Thes are two great reviews that I found web!
I go to this shop on the weekends for the books and great people that work there! I have enjoyed the service and also the faimlies that come into the shop! Everything is priced very well and you can get any kind of book that you need for college and for a special gift! They also have jewerly and homemade candles! The collection of comics is endless!
The locals give a great "Haunted History Walking Tour on the weekends as well as a Cemetery Walking tour. It's only $10.00 per person!" I just can't wait until the month of October when the management does a haunted house as well as gives tours on the weekend!
Melissa from NAPIR Group

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