Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Found articles of the paranormal

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I wanted to respond to the paragraph about "A mobile home haunting." Your information is incorrect on the date listed about the person or persons who said when they entered the Henry County area. It ... more » wasn't in 2003, it was in 1999, I know this because I moved into the same area in 2001 I have paperwork to show this. I wished that you had done your research before publican your book. Also, the above person or persons had AKA misquoted themselves for years now so that they can land a book deal and movie rights. These indivisible doesn't want help with the AKA haunting in their home, they want money. Please be careful when you are righting about someone. Haunted? No. GA
I found this on the web and it needed to be address as a good topic of someone being misquote in a book about the local Henry County GA.

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