Sunday, May 10, 2009

Intrepid Reporter said...
Dear Mr. Quinn,I do not appreciate your ways of spreading false information about the area in which I grew up. I also don't appreciate you stealing research that I did and put online and claiming it as your own. Do tell, how did you first come to know the Camp Creek Trestle? Did you know that the only reports of hauntings in that area came from a now deceased lady named Mrs. Marian Paulk? And even she had no real evidence that the spirit she encountered in her home was a ghost from that train wreck. Did you know that I wrote a real and researched (meaning I talked to the people with the knowledge before I put it out for the public) article on the train wreck and also interviewed Mrs. Paulk AND the REAL county historian, Gene Morris? I looked up articles written at the time about the wreck and made sure my facts were straight. See, I did the responsible thing in making sure I had my facts before I put my name to them.Did you also know that I put that little listing on about places in Henry County that were claimed to be haunted?Also, a real writer cites his sources. Where did you find that the bodies of the poor souls who died in that train wreck of 1900 laid out in the Square? Upon speaking with the REAL county historian, Gene Morris Jr, even he says you are mistaken in this fact. An example of your facts being wrong is that The Seasons Bistro was never Carmichael's Furniture Store, that was across the street in what is now a parking lot.How is it that you feel you can make such claims when you are not even a native of this area? Believe me, there are several people who are not happy with you. I took your ghost tour last year and listened to you with great amusement as you made claims that various buildings on the Square were once funeral homes. I also made sure the people around me knew how full of it you were. I myself believe in ghosts, but your tactics of trying to gain whatever little fame you can by telling your little stories is doing nothing to enhance the paranormal research field. It is people like you who dress up in undertakers costume and falsify information that make the rest of us appear as insane as you present yourself as being.You take it too far when you tell a television crew you are the authority on the history of this county. Stop acting like a puffed up peacock. Others might fall for your stories, but they are gullible and you know it. Find a better hobby in your retirement years.


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