Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gardening and Ghost?...? OK?....? What?

Just this week I thought that I would post this odd situation. Mind you it wasn't me but my neighbor's that came by my home to tell me about the AKA "Ghost Man" in my front yard!....?! Yes I said, "Ghost Man." My work schedule has aloud me to get a few days in a row off this year so I decided to start a flower garden. I have had a couple of pots in the past that I did but I haven't completely did the front nor the back porch full of flowers until this year. So, with that said I started, get old vintage items from the dump and the salvation dump near by, I started to fix beautiful flowers in pots and hanging plant galore!! So, it was natural that I started to see people walking up and down my street looking at what I have been doing. Some cars have even slowed down in front of my home. I do have some people that like to protect me so-to-speak, because of my wild hours of work. They watch my house when I am not there and when I am there. On Monday the 21Th of this month, my neighbor's husband who don't believe in paranormal like I do unless he sees it for himself got a good look at "someone" in my front yard! He described him as a farmer looking man with a hunched back with a long beard wearing overalls with a orange or red underwear. He was admiring my flowers on my front porch and then he looked at my neighbor's husband and vanished! On Tuesday the same thin happened to other another neighbor that I didn't even know.
Now, I did go outside to get pictures, however, I haven't looked all them at all as of today so I will just have to see later.
But, isn't it funny that even spirits love the Summer gardens like we all do??!!??
Who knows maybe next time I am out there doing more gardening I will finally see him for myself, if I do, I will just have to ask him to come on the porch and have a spot of tea with me;)

A new letter just for me!

"A Vintage metal Monogram "M" or "W"door gate ornamental."
I just bought this gate from EBAY last night. I am taking after Ms. Melissa on her blog. I can't wait until it gets to my house! I just know what to do with it.
Paint, sandpaper, repaint, give it hooks and hang it up in the Livingroom!