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UPDATE: John and Holly are scheduled to appear in the second series of a new ghost hunter show. John says they received a call from a Sci Fi producer Monday night.
Georgia native John Quinn and his wife Holly, of McDonough, are convinced they live in a haunted mobile home. Farshores first carried their story in October, 2003 (see: Georgia Man's Haunted Home, and since then John has kept me informed of any developments through regular email updates. His journal of paranormal events for July and August last year included these observations taken from the news story, that also mentioned "Mysterious flashing lights, disembodied voices and unexplained movements of objects.”:
"Clanking chains and grandfather clock ticking real loud. Little girl made very wicked laugh in office all in daylight hours," says an entry dated July 4.
"2:30 a.m. Bed shook and levitated," reads one from July 11. "Shadow ran to front office bedroom," says Aug. 19's entry.
In August this year the couple had their latest visit by a paranormal investigation team. Carol and Lane Wooten were at the home and emailed this initial report regarding their findings:
"Just wanted to let you know that we just finished viewing our pictures, plus the Video. We captured many various anomalies, plus EVP's on the video camera. There is no doubt that you have several presences there. Do not worry; it did not scare us off! We will be back and spend the night as soon as possible and try to help you both out. We were not scared away, as this is what we love to do. Please take care and keep in touch, as we will with you. Cannot wait to come back! Write back and let us know how your night went tonight. "
On August 16, John sent the following image [cropped by FS and including an enlargement of the 'green globe'], accompanied by these comments: "Notice green globe over refrigerator, then line on ceiling, then through picture. Blood was on our front porch early this a.m.".
This was followed the same day by another picture [again cropped and subjected to color balance as it was a little washed out]. John's accompanying message reads in part:
"Please look right behind the right door you can see a transparent being. Then look at the end of our bed a transparent animal. This was taken by Sony digital camera 8-1-04...... Activity still going strong 3.30 p.m. [when] this was done..... p.s. MUFON of Georgia said these were not alien related but still paranormal nature."

Personally, I would not recommend pointing any camera at a mirror in this manner while seeking to record paranormal activity. The consequences of using strobe flash are obvious in such cases, as any reflection will have a detrimental affect on resulting pictures. Having subjected this photo to minor cropping and to improving a 'washed out' effect caused by the flash overloading John's digital camera electronics, I searched but failed to locate any kind of transparent animal in the frame. I did discover one human-like image in the general location of John's 'transparent being'. I highlighted it and also included an enlargement in the original photo. It's fair to say it does incorporate most, if not all, the characteristics of a human head but is it paranormal? I'll reserve judgment and also, perhaps it's no more than sheer coincidence that a beam of reflected bright light from the flash points almost likes a finger at this same anomaly?
Another image sent by John [below] was accompanied by these comments:
"You can see orb at ceiling, then look at the end of Kitchen Island, something going towards refrigerator. Mother-in-law fell asleep."
John and Holly sent this email, Aug 19:
"They have printed a face the size of a thumbnail on my upper right thigh area just above the knee, almost a tattoo and its not going anywhere. I Guess I have the mark of the ghost. What do you suppose this means?
"In my opinion with all the paranormal pictures showing all over the country, I feel we may be getting closer to the Second Coming of Jesus. That’s just a thought. Will keep you posted....."
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