Thursday, August 19, 2010

My other Author Reese Christian: Ghost of Atlanta!

Reese Christian from Roswell Georgia came by the local book shop "The Bell Book and Candle Shop" for a book signing of "Ghosts of Atlanta" her book.  I got to meet her. She is a medium and also has been on TV shows with the paranormal. She wrote this book and again I was compelled to read it from top to bottom. She also did a walk through the book shop and she picked up on allot of activity through out the store. Thanks to Jeff Wells, who brought her to the shop I got to know her and other authors! I hope that she and Jeff keeps writing more books! Below is a top copy of her book! Try to get it, turn your lights down and pop some popcorn and Enjoy!


Sabiha Barkey said...

Hi Melissa,

I am sorry, that I have not responded on Etsy conversation...I only wanted to let you know your parcel is on it's way! It is coming from Holland so it can take a while? I hope you like!


madge1967 said...

Hey Sabihax, hey it's ok. It will be fun to get a nice price instead of a bill!!!