Thursday, August 19, 2010

Two local Authors and two great books to read! Jeffery Wells and Reese Christian

This is on of  two of my favorite local authors.
Jeff Wells is a local historian and also professor and teaches world history. He wrote this book called "In Atlanta or in Hell!" based on the history of the "Camp Creak Train Wreak" that happened in McDonough Square in Henry County Georgia on June 24, 1900. I was mentioned in the book! I have to admit that this was my first book that I sat down after I bought it and read it five times in one afternoon! It was compelling and fascinating and I just couldn't put it down. If you get a chance please get his book, it will be worth it!!!
This is the book cover!

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madge1967 said...

I needed to respond to a local who wrote a negitive review in Amazon about this wonderful book by Jeffery Wells. I couldn't write a review on that page so here is my responce to Mr. Daniel.
Mr. Daniel,
To your commits about the 'Camp Creek Train Wreak of June 24,1900 in McDonough Square Ga’, you stated that this author could have done better with his information about writing this book, well, I assure you that he has done his AKA 'homework' into putting this great historical book together. Appartley Mr. Daniel you didn't comprehend not one paragraph nor didn't completely read this book. The above statement suggests that you 'Skimmed' through out the book and didn't even finish it. This is about the complete and true historical facts of the account that did accure when this tragedy happened in June 24th of 1900. This author also found the newspapers of that time period and placed them into the book.
Now, to the above statement about the photos of the local area were all 'too dark and blurred out’, all of them were taken at night. The photo on the front is replica of 'the train itself' which it was meant to be blurred to give it a look of 'movement.' As far as the others through out the book, the 'drawing' is the actual photo drawn from the morning after the train fell! By-the-way the replica of the train itself is located at ‘Heritage Park’ off of hwy 81 in McDonough Ga. If you think after over one hundred years that our community still has the remains of the train wreak? Ok? The only thing that I have seen is the wooden post where the tracks used to be.
Now, I looked up your reviews and only two of them so far, the second one was on a novel and you gave 4-out-of-5? That maybe great for that author, however Jeffery Wells wrote, 'not a novel but a history book.'
Do you know the difference? I think not.
I give you 'Negative four Stars.'
This is my two cents.
Melissa another friend of Jeffery Wells.