Saturday, September 11, 2010

Classifying your EVPS!

I got to meet up with the TAPS group aka 'Ghost Hunter Show' at DragonCon down town Atlanta Ga this past weekend. Steve Gonsalves, Dave Tango and Amy Bruni were there. They had a 'Questions and Answers' panel where we in the audience got to ask two questions. Since I have been going to this convention for at least twenty years and seeing TAPS panel for the past five years it was very easy for me to step up to the microphone and say hello to them again.

My first question was, ' Who is your 'EVP Expert on the show?' 'Do you have someone to clean up your EVP's before you present them to the clients?' I guess I had two questions rolled into one sentence.

My answer was, 'We are'!' with excitement from the panel of three. I thought oh, OK. My answer to them back was guys you have to clean them up. You don't want the client to listen to nothing but scratchy noise and have they always 'guessed at the answer without cleaning them up? The group don't clean up their EVPS at all. They play the ones that they can pick up clearly and not the 'Click Audio Sound' EVPS. They prosent them raw and untouched. No wonder I have a hard time trying to figure out what the EVPS are saying. I still love you guys and gals anyway;)

What I mean cleaning up the EVPS this means that when you get EVP's they are disembody voices that are captured on a digital recorder. Later on you can play back the recorder and see what or who was trying to talk to you. Place the information in your computer and then take the 'background noise out.' 'The hissing noise out' then play it back. Then the EVP's will much clearer a better to understand than showing them without being cleaned up at all. Majority of the time I received EVPS that people completely miss because some are just too fate and the investigators don't want to AKA waist their time and trying to clean them up properly. That is where most of the best EVPS are mist. I am not asking for to clean them up too much just so that they are done just enough that you can understand the fraise.

My second question was that I was tired of people that watch ghost shows all over the TV and think that they can 'copy the professionals' so they can be on TV. They tell everyone that 'they are the experts' and get to go into places and buildings and even private homes claiming that 'We are just like TAPS!' 'We have all there equipment!' and then they never ever come back unless they want to try to get more evidence or put more information in their mini web site and never return to the clients at all. We as a large community don't want the pop up ghost hunters to come to our town because of what these ghost hunters if you call them that has not done for us. They may have all the equipment but don't know how to us them at all or how to conduct a proper investigation. They claimed that they spent thousands of dollars to get all of the equipment and still claim that they are the experts. I have never seen so many pop up web sites until TAPS the Ghost Hunter Show became popular! Their were only eight in Ga about six years ago in the web now their are hundreds!  I asked if TAPS could assist me with getting the message out to those aka 'ghost hunters want-a-bee’s' to stop trying to be 'just like them.' These groups are destroying our homes and business with their 'I want to be the next person on TV too.'
I did tell TAPS that I now teach the proper way to conduct a proper investigation the correct way. I don't use thousand of dollars of equiptent. Nor do I turn all my lights out. Sorry TAPS but I need to see how and where I'm going.
Happy Ghosting


madge1967 said...

Sweetie I received it with more goodies in it! You are a awesome GAL!

Melissa Miller said...

Thanks for coming by sweet friend!
You look beautiful in your new photo Melissa.

Happy Fall to you and yours! ~Melissa :)