Thursday, August 19, 2010

My neighbor's is becoming Haunted???

I have great neighbors they help me out when I get into a jam and I do the same with them too, This week they had to tell me that their home is active again...Let me share the Ghost Saga with you guys.
They live in my neighborhood and we watch each others homes. Last week the home owner's husband was walking out of his front door and looked at his right side and saw, "a female figure in a blue garden dress from the 1900's with blond hair." She walked around his home and vanished. He ran through his house to the other side and could not find her. The asked me to come over for tea and talk like neighbor's do and I saw a male figure walk outside their home crossing their window in their living room. They know something is there but they say, "just leave them alone and I will leave them alone." Sometimes that's the best thing you can do too. They don't want a AKA "Ghost Hunt." Just to know that other people have experienced the same thing.
Me, I have a Farmer Ghost Man, A little Girl Spirit, and now today I found out I have Kitty Ghost too.
Weird Ghost Saga,

Recently this week my neighbor's have reported to me that 'weird and strainge' lights are appearing on my front porch while I am inside watching TV in the living room?.? I have heard strainge noises coming from my bedroom and bathroom area of a 'woman wailing' very loud and drawn out. I have had objects being moved or dropped in the kitchen living room area and nothing is displaced. I also have a 'red cardinal bird' plastic that only makes a 'chrup' when someonee taps it. It went off several times by itself and on my command?.?
Wild and Weird time of year for me! is always in October!


Melissa Miller said...

Wow! That is quite a story Melissa. How awesome to see that.

Have a wonderful week.
~Melissa :)

madge1967 said...

Yeah, I know 'M!'
Beleive me I wish that I could caught him on camera! I still trying!
Love your house girl!