Sunday, August 15, 2010

Going thrifting next week!

I have been seeing that everyone has been enjoying themselves with, “dumpster diving, yard sells, and thrift shopping!” I need so to go and see what I can get next week! I am labeling boxes and boxes of stuff and reorganizing my spare bedroom to my new crafting room that I just forgot to go!
Hopefully I can pick up a few handfuls of kewl odds and ends and do some tweaking of my own!
I wish all of you happy junking and thrifting!!!
For now I am going to rest with haunting stuff…my legs are barking! Ruff Ruff!


Melissa Miller said...

Sounds like fun Mel! Show us your new goodies.

Have a great week.
~Melissa :)

madge1967 said...

Well Ms "M"
I got a small shell, a primitive basket for flowers, and a wooden cabinet with three shelves.
I haven’t cleaned them up yet because of my busy week, I do need to post them...too cute!
I’m getting ready for fall, Halloween stuff and the McDonough Square stuff.
Did you get another tini table? I need to go to Kirklands it's been awhile since I been! I didn't know they had tables...!