Saturday, June 6, 2009

To Post Or Not to Post?

Lately I have received two e-mails from a person that needed AKA "help with the paranormal". They seemed to be quite upset and needed help with their major ghost activity that has been accruing in their home. Questioning me if I AKA "Didn't Respond?" So they left foul e-mails to myself several times.
They seemed to be quit passionate about their home activity.
My commit is below:
If you reach out to a paranormal investigator for help and they have taken "Above-And-Beond" help to assist you with this and the families still are upset. They in question need to know that at least this investigator did try to help.
Further into this commit of above is that don't think for a second that I didn't AKA "CARE" about helping them in general, because they think I couldn't respond to them ASAP? I have other duties that I have to do in my own time. I can't drop everything at that moment when I receive the first e-mail "which, I never got by the way."; I need to plan a week or weekend in advance and make calls etc. At the time the AKA second e-mail finally came through I did try to assist you, I had the time and to which the response that I received that wasn't worth posting. Further negative commits and fowl language will not be tolerated at all. We don't assist people that respond like this. I responded to them positively and with great care and still received bad returns.
I wish them very well and great luck with their investigators.
God Bless!
Recently I have noticed that people whom claim that they are aka "Professional Ghost Hunters" and or what not have been updating their paranormal sites. OK, let me make this one very good point very clear. If you are a 'professional investigator' for numerous of years and have been aka doing this feild for such a long time make sure that the AKA 'professionals' are what they claim to be! I have noticed that groups have been claiming that they are professionals and claiming to be doing this for years as example: In the year of  1965 until this year of 2010. Please people do the math! On another site the same people claiming that they as well about fifty-five years old ?.? This means that they have been active ghost hunting since they was 'TEN?' OK maybe their first experience was around that time but not being a professional paranormal investigator....I think that this person was playing with their dolls or their action figures....just a thought.
Myself I was thinking of school and my family. Just well just being a kid!

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