Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Paranormal Investigator?

I met my neighbor in 2002 when I received my photographs by from Walgreen's. I noticed that I had abnormalities through out the photos that I took when my aunt came down the weekend before for a visit.
Introduced by the management we both started to compare our AKA ghost stories to each other. They asked me if I would come by and met up with a paranormal group that was going to investigate their home that weekend. I said sure, and when I met up with the team I later on joined the group. I asked my neighbors to start document all the AKA paranormal situations that accord in their home and make sure that the owners date and timed everything. They have had several teams out to the residents and they have took photos, EVPS, a movie. However, to my knowledge the home owners have copies of everything everyone has taken in the home.
Now the owners have placed themselves in the paper, in a book, in the Internet, and also on a local TV spot. Every single time they are mention they are "Quote" "Missed Quoted" all over. That it's "Not their fault but the people who have took their interviews?" Now more than ever I know that I was being used by the people in general. They want a book, A movie, and even to be on TV. They first wanted help with the paranormal, now they seemed to only want fame and future. I can't help people like this I only pray for them.
I wished them well and help that someday peace will finally come to their home.
God Bless you and your family may you find peace in your home that you created.

I had to repost on this situation list above....pinding post are to come within a few days.
Founder of South Side NAPIR

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