Sunday, June 21, 2009


MY local town will be having the TV crew to come and do interviews with the local business owners and their business and homes in July. We all the town need to find answers to many questions that has been plaguing our city since the early 1900's.
This group is bast in Georgia and is new with clairvoyant and sensitivity people who can help us understand the paranormal that is occurring in our town.

I was so disappointed in the town this past weekend! I have to post this for everyone to read! I have worked so hard for the town to get some business and try to help out the owners with their aka paranormal situations, however, they must think that I am a idiot!
I booked several business through out the town this took me five months mind you.
The First:
I got dumped by the employees leaving the area and locking up and going home while my crew as pulling up the their driveway!
The Second:
They didn't even return any of my calls that evening!
The Third:
Was upsetting! At first they seems excited for us to come out the help them. Until the owner's husband pulled me over to speak to him and he asked, "Who is in charge here?" I told him, he then said that, "how long will it take you to do your EVPS?!?" I said, "about ten minutes, why?" "He then said, "GET THEM AND THEN GET OUT!" I got my group and we left the business and I never have been so embarrassed for these owners. Not only he was very rude to all of us in general he never ed introduced himself to any of us. I come to think about it was never introduced himself to me as long as I used their business! His wife was OK, but her husband was rude and nasty to all of us. Ex specially Me! I don't know what provoked him however, this is coming directly from me! I AM A COSTUMER IN YOUR BUSINESS! YOU DON"T TREAT YOUR COSTUMERS LIKE DIRT AND TREAT THEM LIKE TRASH! They did ask for a interview and they got it it wasn't until later on, after the interview was completed, that my group was told to get out.
This segment was to show if this town was ready for the real TV crews to come and do a investigation, gee I wonder who that would have been. Now I have to explain to them what happened! Believe me I will be talking to my TV contacts asap about this situation!
I will keep you post yet again!
The above situation has improved some degree, one of the business has apologized to me about the situation, however, my TV group will never go back to the town for a paranormal investigation. My group did post the Camp Creek Train Wreak Ghost Sage with me as the hosts and put it on you-tube. "Georgia Paranormal Experiences" is my other groups name that is conducting TV interviews about real and actual experiences that people go through about paranormal investigating.
I am so happy that I am involved with something that is exciting to me. "The truth is knowledge it's self!"

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