Monday, June 1, 2009

The Fife Dorcey Holiday House in Fayetteville GA

Dr. John Stiles Holliday, who built the house on the land that his father purchased, offered his home as a boarding house for students and teachers from nearby Fayetteville Academy.

Mrs. Permelia Ware Holliday was instrumental in the manufacture of a Confederate flag for the first volunteer troops to leave Fayette County for the War in 1861. The flag was partially made in the Holliday-Dorsey-Fife House.

“Manse” or “Manny” as he was called, was the flag bearer for the first company that left Fayette County for the war. He was the last Dorsey family member to live in the house.
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Hoilday/Dorcey/Fife home is located in the square of Fayetteville GA. The Holiday family built the home in the earily part of the 1800's. Mr. Holiday was the county's Doctor and he had a son named AKA "Doc Holiday." The Descendants of all three families sold the property to the city in the late 1970's to early 1990's and had a family reunion. After the families prepared the home for a viewing, they took a picture in front of the house. After the film was developed sometime later, one of the children noticed that in the upper left hand corner of the second floor window was a transparent male figure with a mustache looking down at the families below. The family got the film enlarged and copied it and it wasn't soon after that they started a history tour. The first family that gave the tours in the mid 1990's dressed up in an antebellum costume and told the history about her family and owners the home. She also explained that they have a ghost of " Holiday family tree." to this day the ghost still walks through out the hallways and has been seen by people walked down the street from the outside of the house. School children have been able to see the spirit when they come the take the tour. Only one person that I know of "outside" of all three families got permission to take a copy of the AKA ghost photograph as a gift. To the day she keeps it in a very safe place in her home. I know because that person that I'm refirning to is me. I have been several times to the home and I know the Dorsey family quite well. I will never show the picture with any of the families say so.

Melissa from ATL GA USA

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