Thursday, July 22, 2010

Oakland Cemetery this Sunday!

I can't wait! Ghost Hunting in Atlanta just this weekend! Yeah!
I and my ghost group will be going to the "Oakland Cemetery" this Sunday evening to do a mini EVP and Ghost walk through the graveyard. My friend Rayne Johnson my EVP expert sad she went a few weeks ago we others in our group and go great but sad children voices through the digital recorder. They weren't very happy at all. Sad crying and quote wanted "help." Rayne asked me to spend the weekend with her and the group and go to the cemetery and do a walk through. I bring children spirits out to talk and also they love to get their pictures made with me too for some reason. So, I will be with the group this weekend and when I do get some picks I will be posting them on my blog site for you. EVPS are a little harder to do on this site. I will try to do a couple.
Ok, WOW I went with a large group. We all showed up about 2:30pm on a very hot Sunday afternoon. We started at the crypt of "Roberts" located at the Welcome Center. This crypt was my favorite because it was in "Gothic Med Evil in Detail" Five large Gargoyles were posted all around the crypt with angelic windows throughout the building. OK! I'm in love with the details of this building.
Then we as a group went down the cobblestone pathway to another crypt and I noticed that the main camera died and also my camera batteries died as well! I made a mental note and took some pics for later on. We then walked to the Conferate area and I walked into the area and addmediatly noticed that my head and body got extremely light. I got dizzy for a moment then began to walk to the middle of the main area. There was a very large monument with all of the conferate dead names on it and when I touched it my hand was instantly ice cold and felt light and my hand and arm became very electrify charged. I explained the situation to my crew and they all decided that this was the place to try our new "Spirit Box." I didn't think that this new device would work however, my crew felt differntly. Rayne Johnson my EVP expert of the group stated that she became in contact with a solider named Charles. I noticed that she used her dousing rods and funny as this sounds they lead her in my area that I ended up at a bench next to the "Lion Statue of the Cenferate dead of GA." She then used the "Spirit Box" again and got SO many people talking on it at one time that we narrowed it down to one person, a male named "Eric" I think. He told us how many people he could see around him. He told us what color closes we were wearing and even told me to go and sit down on the bench when I asked him if I could! He apparently didn't like the fact that we were with many ethic people around us in the group and he even could not stop cussing about it!
I want to explore this again very soon in the same cemetery and also in my home town of McDonough GA.
I'll post my pics soon!
Happy Ghosting!

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