Saturday, July 24, 2010

Buford Historical Cemetery and Town

I listed some AKA paranormal photographs that my group did about three years ago. A group of us all girls went to the Historical Town under ground walkway railroad and got a few photos. The hallway has been since boarded up do to Street Gangs and homeless living in the tunnel. I had took with Rayne Thompson some paranormal picks of the cemetery in Buford. Let me know what you think?
Happy Ghosting!


Polly @ Make Mine Beautiful said...

HI Mel. I'd love to see the photos bigger if possible. They are so small you can't see any detail, and when I click on them, it doesn't enlarge the picture.

Can you post them in a bigger file?

madge1967 said...

Yeah I know. I working on it with my new computer at home.
I have some more coming and hopefully they won't be major small. Dang this computer that I'm on tonight.
I may have to send you some copies in the mail box Polly.

madge1967 said...

Check out your flickr commits under me and see if you can see the photos any bigger. If not I will work some more or send a few in the mail box.

Sabiha Barkey said...

Hi Mel,

I had some difficulties with my Etsy, but it is working again!

please be welcome to have a visit, the clothes horse is still available!

By the way, I am interessted in paranormal things...I hope to see more on new pics on your blog, just like polly said, the pics are to small.

madge1967 said...

I went to your ETSY site and sent you a message about the AKA Ghost Photosgraghs. I hope this helps.