Monday, December 8, 2008

To post or not to post? Answer? Yes!

My name is Melissa Smith. I am a paranormal investigator in Atlanta GA. I moved to Henry County area in 2001. Four months later I was jarred out of bed at 4:20pm one afternoon by a loud violent raping knock at my bedroom window. I investigated and found nothing. I joined NAPIR Group "North Atlanta Paranormal Investigation and Research" I have been living in this area for at least eight years and going on. The community has paranormal activity through out the facility. My neighbors has had their own experiences with the same thing if not more intense like mine has been. I then began to investigate locals with activity and tried to help them understand why it was happening to them and let them know that it would be OK. I started to document every occurrence through out the area by marking their homes around the area that has been question. So far its up to twelve.
May of 2001 I have been ask by a local to which I have e-mails and phone messages from to this date to drop by with a cam recorder and try to pick up anything that was going on in their home.
The owners was claiming that they had AKA electrical problems through out their home and wanted me to do a walk through with my digital camera. I started at 11:38am and finish at 12:10pm. I filmed through out their home within that time frame, I did get some subjected activity that stills needs investigated at a later date. I then caught an EVP saying "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" that was recorded onto the camera itself.
Now mind you, the owners "invited" me to their home as a paranormal investigator, to which I am and that I have been since the 1980"'s. When people invite you to their home to do an investigation, the AKA evidence that they have collected is the investigators "NOT" the owners of the home or building. The AKA ghost movie that I took is of my property and will not be shown unless they get my permission. It's copyrighted!

Lately I have received two e-mails from a person that needed help with the paranormal. They seemed to be quite upset and needed help with a AKA "major ghost activity" that has been accruing in their home. Questioning if I AKA "Didn't Respond?"
They seemed to be quit passionate about their home activity.
My commit is below:
If you reach out to a paranormal investigator for help and they have taken "Above-And-Beond" help to assist you with this and the families still are upset. They in question need to know that at least this investigator did try to help.
Further into this commit of above is that don't think for a second that I didn't AKA "CARE" about helping them in general, because they think I couldn't respond to them ASAP? I have other duties that I have to do in my own time. I can't drop everything at that moment when I receive the first e-mail "which I never got by the way."; I need to plan a week or weekend in advance and make calls etc. At the time the aka second e-mail finally came through I did try to assist you, I had the time and to which the response that I received that wasn't worth posting. Further negative commits and fowl language will not be tolerated at all. We don't assist people that respond like this. I responded to them positively and with great care and still received bad returns.
I wish them very well and great luck with their investigators.
God Bless!

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